My fascination for nature and my concern for its conservation and restoration are the starting point of my works. One of my main interests is exploration of survival-strategies as well as mechanisms of resilience and adaption to adverse situations in biologic world as metaphor linked to social processes. As human beings we take part of this world, so that I consider that examples of propagation and overcoming in biology also apply to processes in society.

I believe in social change by silent persistence and in community organisation for common welfare. Therefore, repetition, expansion and occupation of spaces are common characteristics in both three-dimensional pieces and drawings. Most of my works are composed by a multitude of similar elements that extend over the exhibition space or in case of drawings on the paper, corresponding to occupation, recuperation and defence of natural spaces by resilient organisms. They symbolize adaption to adversities and their overcoming by diverse and mostly subtle strategies.

To create protection communities and unify energies, elements agglomerate in groups.
Drawings as well as installations are elaborated in manual processes that evidence imperfections and irregularities own of organisms. My drawings are part of a formal exploration of my interests, so that they are elaborated as series.

In my actual creative process I’m looking how to intensify possibilities to comment present from the art, without being obvious.