drawings / two-dimensional works

Reflections on a pansimbiotic model , 2022

ink on cotton, various dimensions

“everything is connected to something connecting with something else” This drawing series is an attempt to explore this simbiotic vision of living

Winds of Change, 2019

ink on cotton, 72x57cm / 40x50cm

Unter der Oberfläche, 2019

ink on cotton/fabric, 45×37,5cm / 48x50cm / 57x38cm

Carbono Juan Díaz, 2017

charcoal-ink on paper, 90x90cm

This series of drawings is the result of an exchange project with chemist Olmedo Pérez, during the residenz of Estudio Nuboso, about the highly polluted mangrowes of Juan Díaz near Panama City. Interpreting the studdy of carbon levels in the context of internation carbon-trading, the drawings represent the carbon retained in the mangrowes and its equivalent in CO2, using the codes for chemical compounds.
Video about the project (spanish): https://vimeo.com/253998211

Conductas Subversivas, 2018

ink and watercolour on paper, dimension variable